Thing 11: DIY – MLA 8 Resources

GOAL: Locate resources for a Professional Development class and for teaching students next year.


MLA Style Center

The MLA Style Center  published by the Modern Language Association provides a long list of resources:

  • The MLA Practice Template provided shows the framework for students to use for locating and completing their Works Cited entry.
  • The Works Cited Quick Guide  provides a nice graphic of some basic sources.
  • LESSON IDEA: Create a graphic for students showing the concept of a container. Give students this link to show how to complete the MLA Practice Template. Provide students the MLA Practice Template and links to sources to be used to complete the template. Have students correct their own paper by providing a Prezi indicating where the info came from much like the Works Cited Quick Guide.
  • The Works Cited List Peer Grading lesson is easy to incorporate into any  research paper.  In reading the provided worksheet it occurs to me that another way to do this is by having the students actually locate the source their peer is referencing. This will provide students a basis as to the importance of the different pieces of information.
  • Hey, my idea from above actually exists as a pre-done lesson! Reading and Writing Citations
  • The Group Presentation on MLA Style lesson is one I will propose to all teachers to consider for their students at the beginning of the year to provide a solid foundation for MLA style. I will especially emphasize this for my 9th grade teachers.

Purdue OWL

The Purdue OWL MLA Citation Guide  has pages on each type of entry that some students might find helpful. The Powerpoint Presentation is dry but could be helpful in instruction.


Since MLA 8 is becoming more flexible I decided to explore Noodletools for changes relating to MLA 8. While they have changed the platform a little bit nothing really addresses the container idea. So I will explore other online citations tools such as Bibme and CitationMachine. The MLA Workshop provided didn’t help me plan my teaching but gives me good ideas for discussion.



I did not find Bibme to offer any resources that were useful. I created an account and in the end didn’t like their style at all. I found the webpage to be cluttered and not something useful in educating my students.

I am going to create lessons around my ideas from The MLA Style Center






About Kim Nemeth

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a High School Library Media Specialist in beautiful Saratoga Springs New York. I am an avid reader and am addicted to learning. This blog was originally started as part of the Cool Tools for Schools project in 2012. Since then I have continued to participate in Cool Tools for Schools and add my thoughts here. I found this blog to be an excellent place to refer to when I needed an idea or had a tick mark in my head and needed a reminder. I would love comments and feedback on my posts. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to Thing 11: DIY – MLA 8 Resources

  1. Nice work! Good luck with the PD session you’re teaching.

  2. Hi Kimberley,
    I’m wondering if these templates might help you teach students about containers:
    The MLA container idea appears in NoodleTools in a couple of ways: When you select Chapter–>Book, you will see that the form is divided into parts. Our part/whole forms have been the way we we have been teaching ALL three styles, by the way — MLA took a page from our playbook when the developed the core/container idea. 🙂 For a print book, the first section is about the chapter or section – the “core” — and the second section is the container. Then, when you click on the website tab, you’ll see the top section has changed to reflect the website as a container.
    You might be able to use or modify our webinars that describe the MLA changes:
    I love the idea of a graphic – and would love to see what you develop.

    Debbie Abilock

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