Thing 23: Infographics & Data Visualization

After creating collections for lit circles for our grade 9 and 10 English classes my next challenge was figuring out how to present the data to the teachers in an attractive way. I really like some of the lists sent out by Novelists like this Romance Newsletter  but worried that maybe it wouldn’t count for this exercise since it doesn’t have data. I was excited to read that “An infographic may not include any actual data, while a data visualization must.”

Time to figure out how to make this work for my teachers!

I found Kathy Schrock’s video Infographics as a Creative Assessment useful but extremely intimidating when looking at what we need to teach our students. I found the article The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual by Sneh Roy simplified things for me. I especially liked her explanation of a one-level deep infographic vs. a two-level deep infographic.  What I am looking to create for my first try will certainly be one level deep. A recent infographic from Time Magazine titled “Mapping the Girls Effect” is an excellent example of a two-level deep infographic.

I will certainly use the tools in Creating Infographics with Students when working with students on infographics.

Since mine is a simple graphic I decided to use Powerpoint as it is the initial tool I will be using with my students. I came up with the template below that I hope to reuse for other collections.





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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a High School Library Media Specialist in beautiful Saratoga Springs New York. I am an avid reader and am addicted to learning. This blog was originally started as part of the Cool Tools for Schools project in 2012. Since then I have continued to participate in Cool Tools for Schools and add my thoughts here. I found this blog to be an excellent place to refer to when I needed an idea or had a tick mark in my head and needed a reminder. I would love comments and feedback on my posts. Enjoy!
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One Response to Thing 23: Infographics & Data Visualization

  1. Looks great! Colorful and appealing. And good use of tool that people overlook. Just like Google Slides can do so many things, so can PPT.

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