Thing 34: Annual Reports – Make Them Matter

After spending a lot of time looking at annual reports and reflecting on our stakeholders I have come to realize a few things.

  1. A report that can be printed as well as viewed digitally will likely get read the most by my stakeholders.
  2. Images and photos add a lot to the presentation.
  3. All report elements must point back to Vision 2018.

Looking at the Annual Reports page from Jennifer LaGarde’s “Being a Data Super Hero”  website was super useful. I identified a few reports and elements of reports that were attractive to me and could be integrated in my annual report. I will list them here as well as the features/elements that I would like to consider incorporating.

Joyce Valenza’s report for Springfield Township High School

  • Digital publishing tools take very little work to convert your print based document into a digital document. While Joyce Valenza used Issuu  I am more familiar with Youblisher and would use this digital publishing tool as it was used with my student books in the Nonfiction Book Project at Maple Hill Middle School.
  • I like the highlights section at the beginning of the document. However, instead of using it to list my accomplishments I would like to use it to reference the highlights inside the report and send them to the page of the report where they could find more information.0 i.e. Through weeding and purchasing our collection was improved. page 4
  • I like the space this format gives us to incorporate words, data visualization and photographs.
  • At first glance it is easy to say this report is too long. However, if you take the time to read it there is excellent information included.
  • I like that she references a way to get to a printable form of the report. However, I was unable to locate the printable document on her website.

Mrs. Gick’s RMHS Annual report

  • I really like the clean and updated format of this one and would like to incorporate this look into my report. I was hoping to find it as a template in Word or Publisher but when I couldn’t do that I was going to reach out to Mrs. Gick. Unfortunately the website this report links too has not been updated since 2010. I will continue to search or look for a different style template.
  • Incorporating this colorful format with our school colors would match many of the other professional documents put out by the school.

Jennifer LaGarde’s Annual Report

  • I wonder if I could incorporate her use of “What’s the bottom line” into my report in a useful manner.
  • I like the data feature of circulation by grade. This would be a good way to show the correlation between booktalks/research projects and reading from the library. A brief check of my catalog shows that while I should be able to get this information very easily with a report my records are not correct (instead of 500+ 9th grade students my catalog only shows 30) so this would be much more time consuming. I will put this off for this year and verify my records first thing next year.
  • Great use of photos

MGMS Annual Report

  • Great data in this infographic. Much of it could be incorporated into my annual report with explanations of why it is important.
  • I like how instead of Goals there was a page called Moving Forward and a section called “Next year look for more…..”

The Unquiet Library Annual Report, 2009-10

  • I like the idea of a short video to intrigue people to read more details in the report. This could easily be accomplished as Buffy Hamilton did with an Animoto.

There was one reading that stood out to me as being totally separate from the annual report conversation and yet very important to it.

7 tips for making your principal your ally from  The Doug Johnson, Blue Skunk Blog

  • Take your problems with your solutions to the principal
  • Advocate for the students, not the library!
  • Don’t surprise your principal
  • Know your principals goals – So often we assume the principal has the same goals, I need to sit down and ask him what his goals are and how he sees the library fitting into the school wide community.

About Kim Nemeth

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a High School Library Media Specialist in beautiful Saratoga Springs New York. I am an avid reader and am addicted to learning. This blog was originally started as part of the Cool Tools for Schools project in 2012. Since then I have continued to participate in Cool Tools for Schools and add my thoughts here. I found this blog to be an excellent place to refer to when I needed an idea or had a tick mark in my head and needed a reminder. I would love comments and feedback on my posts. Enjoy!
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