A Timer and a Task List

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As a stay home mom I developed my own PLN (although I just called it websites and books I read).  Stephen Covey taught me that the best way to get things done was to plan, use my prioritized task list, and put first things first. Flylady taught me to use a timer to keep from getting bogged down or sidetracked while working through my task list.  This was back when my house was clean and my meals were planned ahead of time.

I used these principles while I was working full-time and attending grad school as well as being a wife and mother. My house wasn’t always clean and my meals weren’t always wonderful but I graduated, the kids were fed, clean and got where they needed to be and my husband is still talking to me so I have to think the principles worked.  So I have to ask myself why I got away from these principles when I got a job as a School Librarian and started taking this class.

I repeatedly find myself spending hours sidetracked while working through the things for this class. I follow link after link totally excited about what I’m reading but totally off task. I feel like a middle school student lost in a research project.

Time to get back to my task list and timer and realize that the point of this online learning community is NOT to become an expert in each of these tools and look at everything that’s out there but to dip my toe in the water and get started.  I’m about to become a lurker in Twitter and set up a Netvibes account 🙂


About Kim Nemeth

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a High School Library Media Specialist in beautiful Saratoga Springs New York. I am an avid reader and am addicted to learning. This blog was originally started as part of the Cool Tools for Schools project in 2012. Since then I have continued to participate in Cool Tools for Schools and add my thoughts here. I found this blog to be an excellent place to refer to when I needed an idea or had a tick mark in my head and needed a reminder. I would love comments and feedback on my posts. Enjoy!
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3 Responses to A Timer and a Task List

  1. Laura Naumovitz says:

    I love Flylady (though I can’t get my tail in gear enough to follow her practical advice!) And I love this post. And I love your writing style in it – including your use of italics, underlining and hyperlinks. I can picture you saying all of this!

  2. pollyalida says:

    Good advice! Advice I need to remember.I do the same thing. Even though wandering the web is a big part of my job, I should try to do it with a timer on!

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